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How do I purchase?  - You can buy only through a Tebex. After transactions is approved, you could download your files. 

 Where I can download my files?  - After your purchase, your package will appear on the Keymaster. You can download the package or transfer your license. 

 What FiveM server version i need to run it properly?  - You have to update your server build to 4760 or above to avoid any crashes. For futher details, please visit this link

How does this new Cfx.re system works?  - All resources are encrypted by Cfx.re, and the will linked, automatically and instantly, to your personal Cfx.re account. Remember: purchases are tied to your Cfx.re account, not to a  specific license key. If you buy a package, it will work for all of your keys. If another Cfx.re account needs access to the package, then you will need to transfer your license on the Keymaster. 

 I have not received my purchase - If after the purchase you couldn't find your package here, you have just to wait for few minutes: perhaps the site may malfunction. If it's note the case, please contact us by opening a ticket in our Discord, we surely help to fix the problem.

 There is something wrong with the interior - If you suddenly have problems with the interior, you can always contact us by opening a ticket in our Discord, we'll fix the problem.